Select the new stone statue fountain for everyone

We often see fountains in our lives, such as in squares, parks, etc. The fountains are large or small, and beautiful fountains decorate our lives and bring some fun to the boring life.With the development of the sculpture industry, stone fountains have become more and more popular.


Everyone should be familiar with the stone fountain, because this kind of stone architecture is very popular in our lives. This kind of building not only brings a beautiful landscape to our lives, but also purifies us. The role of air. Stone fountain is the most common kind of carving crafts in garden landscape sculpture. The specifications and styles of the stone fountain are different. In modern cities, garden landscape engineering is widely used, and it is not only favored by garden landscape design engineers, but also by the general public.2 3

The stone fountain is mainly placed in the garden design part of some apartment complexes. As a garden water sculpture, it is placed in the center of the fountain to add color to the entire garden landscape. Of course, in some high-end villa areas, it is even more indispensable. The scale will be larger, and the design and production will be more complex and delicate, mostly European-style stone fountains. European-style stone fountains are mostly decorated with sculptures of characters and animals, making the entire fountain sculpture more spectacular. Because this fountain sculpture style originally imitated the carving craftsmanship of Western European-style sculptures, it is mostly called European-style stone fountains. The white marble stone fountain is more common.

This kind of stone carving building is generally for permanent use. Without external damage, it will not be damaged and will be used forever. Moreover, the longer the stone fountain, the better, because the stone is hand-carved and natural stone processed, after a long time. Polishing of water will make the stone fountain more shiny. Sculpted lines are more natural and synthetic, which is very artistic and historical.

Post time: Dec-06-2021