Outdoor decoration stone ball fountain garden landscape stone ribbed sphere water fountain

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1.Material:grey granite

2.Size:dia36 inches,other sizes are acceptable

3.Surface finishing:ribbed

4.Usage:garden sphere fountain

Processing process


The processing process of this ball fountain is as follows: First, select the right stone for cutting,  

Break it up into small blocks.  

The second is to put the stone on a professional processing machine for cutting.  Like this ball fountain, it has very distinct layers.  Is through the machine after cutting again artificial beating, polished made.

Because this product is a fountain, we will also make a hole in the center of the ball for water to squirt out of it  

Of course, we have a variety of stones to choose from, such as: gray granite, pink granite, white marble, gray marble, green marble, red marble, limestone and so on can be selected according to the needs of customers.  Similarly, we also have a variety of options for the size of the product, the smallest can be 10cm, the largest can be 200cm

Our main advantages?

1. Professional Service:
24-hour service, contact us anytime you like.
2.Quality Assurance:
Good faith management, reliable quality
3.one-stop service
Support sample mailing, perfect after-sales service

Packing and Transportation


The packaging of this ball fountain is usually packed in wooden cases after fumigation treatment. According to customer requirements, we can choose single packaging together, two packaging together, four packaging together and so on.  Of course, the cost of a single package is higher than the cost of multiple packages  

According to different products, we can provide different packaging methods:
We usually use wooden cases for packing,Next a few small products use three-ply board box or ton bag packing
Every step we do carefully and pay 100% heart to ensure the goods arrive safely.

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